Vectera vs. Zoom

Both Vectera and Zoom offer software for video conferencing, but how do they differ?

Unlike Vectera, Zoom gives great importance to enabling webinars and large video conferences between companies and their internal customers. Vectera, on the other hand, helps companies connect with potential clients by making the first connection hassle-free with fewer steps to follow. Let’s dig deeper into this.


1. No installation required

Let’s go over the features that matter the most for the day-to-day business. Most other video conferencing solutions require that you download and install them on your PC and mobile devices. Vectera does not require installation because it is a browser-based solution and you are able to join a meeting with just a click.


2. Push your productivity

Unlike Zoom, Vectera does not limit its users to access video conferencing and screen sharing only (Honestly, these are features that any conferencing software should have).

How about demonstrating your product to the customer, create an architectural sketch and going over a contract, all while speaking to your customer? All of this is possible with Vectera. The best thing is that all drafts are automatically stored and synchronized. Therefore, even permanent video rooms can be set up for each individual client.


3. Best for sales

A sales representative usually needs several conversations with the client until the contract is signed. All the information from these conversations,  such as notes and the duration of the calls, are stored and recordings of the meetings can be shared with other colleagues. In most conferencing software, a new meeting is started every time and a seamless transition to the old meeting is not possible.


4. Cutting-edge technology

Another advantage of Vectera is WebRTC. This is a technology where the data transfer adapts to the quality of the connection. While Zoom interrupts the transmission in case of a bad connection, Vectera adapts to the connection quality and continues smoothly.

Key features

Vectera Zoom
Browser-based, so no need to download and install software;
sign up in one click
Local installation required
Integrated whiteboards, that boost productivity;
automatically synced and stored
Non-persisting meeting rooms
WebRTC: Video adapts to limited bandwidth Frozen conference
Focus on external meetings Focus on group meetings
Co-browsing without plugins for client Client required
2GB cloud storage for recordings and content 1GB for recordings
Persisting meeting rooms
– historic communication can be found
– recordings can be sent
Non-persisting meeting rooms