Team Collaboration

Collaborate with your team while staying in full control

A single Invoice to cover all your subscriptions

Stop chasing invoices – Get only one single Invoice for all your subscriptions over onetool!

Spend Overview

Get an overview of how much you spend and on which tools.

Stop Chasing Invoices

Stop wasting time looking for and chasing your employees for software invoices at the end of the month.

Manage your teams software usage

You can manage all your tools and team members software use in the administration dashboard.

Control software use

Authorize or decline tool purchase requests from your team or allocate budgets to different users.

Allocate Budgets & Roles

Create departments and provide your teams with access to tools needed in their department. Assign admin rights to your team members.

Software Overview

Understand in one look wha tools you are paying for and who in your team is using them.

Analyze and optimize your subscriptions

You can use onetool to analyse and optimize your use of SaaS with the admin dashboard.


Identify Unused Tools

Quickly identify if you are paying for tools your team isn’t using

Find best fits

Avoid being subscribed to multiple tools which have the similar functions.

Upgrade Best Tools

Find out which tools your team is using the most and upgrade for more features.

Take control of your teams software use!

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