onetool – The Complete Business Software Solution

Businesses today are plagued with ever-increasing software costs. In the middle of all this, software subscriptions generate a significant proportion of these costs and over-licensing makes it even worse. At onetool, we strive to offer a solution to this genuine problem, all while simplifying the software subscription process. 

Before we go any further, let us take a look at what onetool really is.

onetool – What is it?

In its most basic sense, onetool is your complete software solution. Operating as a tool that provides software to businesses through a single subscription bundle or individually selected apps, onetool allows users to cut down on the branching out aspect when it comes to software subscriptions. We are greatly reducing both your workload and costs. So, you can now benefit from multiple software vendors without the hassle of multiple subscriptions with onetool’s singular provider service. 

How does it Work?

So, while it may seem beneficial, how does onetool actually work? Believe us; it is a pretty simple process. We will show you how. 

You can start you off with a free fourteen-day trial, just to get you better acquainted with what we are offering.  And the best part? All you need to sign up is a company email address. We do not require any mode of payment to initiate your trial, all that comes at a later stage when you decide to invest in one of our packages. 

With the free trial, you will be able to better understand how our tool works. But till then, here is a brief explanation:

  •  Browse a large variety of browser-based business apps on our easy to use website with full details available for each option
  • The interactive dashboard allows separation of department-specific tools to limit access within your organization
  • Automatic tool integration upon selection

It seems simple enough; does it not? Well, we told you so. There is no way you, or your business, will regret signing up with onetool! 

The In-depth Benefits

So, you have probably gotten a good impression of the advantages that our product brings to you, but just how great are the benefits? Let us take a more in-depth look at this while exploring the full range of problems that onetool strives to eliminate.

Here is what we have to offer:

1. Simplified License Management

With onetool, license management becomes a breeze. Operating on a system of centralized licensing, onetool allows its users to avail the benefits of multiple software via a single source. Not only does this result in reduced workload, but it also converts to fewer complications as users now have to deal with fewer outlets. 

2. Software Bundles

Onetool now offers software bundles. These bundles primarily operate through a credit system where users can use different software for a set number of credits, allowing them to pick and choose the ones that best fit their requirements. Not only do bundles make management easy, but they also help the user save up on cash! With a variety of software bundles to choose from, you can select the one that seems right for you and your business. 

3. Payments Made Easy

With onetool, you no longer have to run after three different invoice sources as we will take care of all the payments for you. Whether you choose to opt for two tools or seven, we will present you with a single invoice that will have a summary of your total charges. See, billing made easy! 

4. Flexibility

Onetool gives its users astonishing flexibility. Unlike most software plans, we do not require our customers to enter into contracts that last for months on end, unnecessarily tying them down. Instead, we give our users the freedom to switch tools every month, making sure nothing hinders their business’ developmental progress. 

5. Pricing

Let us face it. These days, no matter how good something seems, price poses itself as an inevitably significant factor. Well, with onetool we make sure that pricing does not show itself as an obstacle to any of our valued customers, no matter the size of your business. To accommodate individuals at all stages, you only pay for the software you use.