The Saas operating system

Solve the SaaS chaos

onetool helps forward thinking leaders of SaaS enabled companies save time and money by giving them full control and visibility of all their apps. Get the full picture of who is using what and take action – all on a single platform.


User provisioning

Automate user onboarding and offboarding for all your tools

Reduce IT friction by automating user lifecycles across all their SaaS apps

On- and Offboarding new employees is a repetitive & time consuming task for any IT team resulting in reduced productivity and flawed employee experience. If you still manually provision and deprovision your SaaS, onetool will help you automate your lifecycle management.

Spend & Usage Analytics

Optimize SaaS spend based on actionable insights

Get a full picture of your cost and tool usage to identify savings potential

 As your business is growing it gets increasingly difficult to keep track of all the tools being used by different teams, often resulting in messy spreadsheets and wasted spend on unused licenses. onetool provides full visibility of spend enabling you to take control of the SaaS chaos.

Gain control over your SaaS subscriptions

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