ClickUp vs.

When it comes to project management software, you will see a lot of software that claims to cover your need. But project management tools differ greatly. Whether it is in the scope of functions, management approach, focus or even the pricing model. One of the most popular project management tools is But they share the market with very challenging competitors like ClickUp. Below are some feature differences between ClickUp and

Software as a Service

In the past, most of the tools had to be installed locally on a computer. For administrators in a company it was and still is a big deal to set up all the employers‘ computers. Whereas today a lot of software runs in the cloud as software-as-a-service (saas) and can be accessed through a web browser. An installation is not necessary. Both and ClickUp are browser based and use a SaaS licensing model.


1. Pricing

When it comes to the pricing model, ClickUp is very different from ClickUp offers a free account with a basic task management feature. For challenging project management, ClickUp offers two pricing plans for 5$ or 9$ each per month and user. on the other hand is comparatively expensive. They don’t offer a free plan and their pricing is based on a given team size. If you have fewer employees than the plan covers, you pay for it. You pay at least 39$ per month for a subscription that up to five users can use.

2. Recurring Tasks doesn’t support setting up recurring tasks for your team. As a result, you have to recreate all tasks each time which in turn leads to more work.

ClickUp however can do this, which saves you a lot of time. Just enable recurring tasks and they will appear in a new project.

3. Mind Mapping

Mind maps can help you a lot in developing ideas and strategies and are of course supported by ClickUp. However it is very inconvenient if you have to use an external software like with because mind maps are not supported.

4. Assigned Comments

With ClickUp, you can assign a comment to a certain person and convert this comment into a task. This goes without annoying the rest of the team with information they don’t need. Also a notification is sent to the person to be informed. can not do this.

5. Notepad Tool

With ClickUp you don’t have to switch to an external tool to write down your ideas. You can use the built in notepad tool and share the notes with your colleagues. on the other hand only offers you to take meeting notes.


ClickUp is a user-friendly and intuitive software for managing projects and tasks. The main goal of ClickUp is to make the current project management ecosystem as efficient as frustration free as possible. It is perfect for those who find other project management software too simple or too complex. in comparison is a good project management tool but has less features than ClickUp when it comes to task management.