Start with a free trial

Flexibility is key. Start a 14-day free trial and change your plan at any time. No credit card required.


The entry plan for solopreneurs
$ 20 user / month
  • 15 credits
  • Select up to 5 tools


Enough credits to scale with your business
$ 45 user / month
  • 35 credits
  • Select up to 20 tools


Enough credits to use the premium plans
$ 80 user / month
  • 65 credits
  • Select up to 40 tools


Run your whole business and collaborate with co-workers
$ 120 user / month
  • 100 credits
  • Select up to 65 tools


Use the enterprise tools without running out of credits
$ 185 user / month
  • 160 credits
  • Select up to 100 tools

Every plan - even the trial - includes

  • Huge savings of hundreds of dollars per user and year
  • Hundreds of tools & plans to choose from
  • Access to every bundle tool available instantly, no sign up required
  • One login with single-sign-on directly from the onetool dashboard
  • Flexibility to change or cancel your tools once per month
  • Invite your co-workers to work together in teams
  • One consolidated invoice
  • Add on regularly priced tools & plans (add ons)

What's different about onetool

Instead of subscribing to your software individually, onetool gives you access to top SaaS with one subscription with a one-of-a-kind credit system. You will never need to fill out annoying signup forms, or remember passwords for all your software again.

Every month, get credits to subscribe to tools

Your monthly plan includes credits to use for every tool, which means you can flexibly subscribe to the software you need.

Different tools are worth different credit amounts

Our algorithm calculates the credit value for each tool. That way we make sure you get the maximum savings on your subscription.

One password & one login to get access to all the tools

Every time you choose a new tool we create your license automatically. No need to go trough multiple sign-up processes.

Work with your whole team seamlessly.

When you add your co-workers to onetool they can collaborate with you instantly. Just select the same tools and you're set to go.