How onetool works

Explore and manage every tool in our collection with just a few clicks

Onboard your team & start collaborating

Invite your team members to onetool, add them to your tools and start working together on the tools you’ve subscribed to.

Team management

Invite team

Invite your team and give them instant access to the tools you’re using.

Easy onboarding

Make onboarding easy by adding new hires to their department and provide access to all the tools they need with a few clicks.


Shared workspaces

If you and your teammates are using the same tools through onetool, you will all be in the same company workspace!

Stay in control of your teams software usage

You can manage all your tools and view your team members software usage in our administration dashboard.

Manage software use

Authorize or decline tool purchase requests from your team or allocate budgets to different users.

Allocate budgets & roles

Create departments and provide your teams with access to tools needed in their department. Assign admin rights to your team members.

Spend & usage overview

Always get a clear overview what tools you are currently paying for and who in your team is using them.

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