Access all your tools in one dashboard.

Access to dozens of tools with one click.

Onetool provides you with a single-sign-on to access the leading SaaS tools that you need to run your entire business. Onetool automatically integrates with them, so you and your team can enjoy the benefits.
Onetool has partnered with software vendors of all areas (i.e. Marketing, Sales, Tech, Project Management, Communications) to provide your company with all the software it needs to succeed.

IT-Admin control.

Is your company bigger than just a one-man show? No worries. Our IT-Admin-Dashboards allows your IT-admin to control the users’ access rights across the different departments and to provision new users.
For example, you could choose to give your marketing department access to marketing, communications, and project management tools only.

Do not run around chasing your bills.

Onetool provides your organization with one centralized billing. Onetool manages all the users in your account jointly. What this means is that you don’t have to chase down your invoices every month for all the different tools you use, and your accounting team will work more efficiently in their bookkeeping tasks by saving hours of work.

Flexibility at its finest!

Don’t you worry about long-term contracts. Onetool allows you to change or cancel all users individually, every month. More importantly, onetool has negotiated great deals with the SaaS partners that allow you to switch the tools you or your team want to use every month.
You want to focus on project planning this month and marketing planning next month? No worries. We’ve got you covered!

Get invited to early access to the tool admin dashboard and start tracking your SaaS usage throughout your company.