Frequently Asked Questions

Getting Started

onetool is a platform Store that helps teams and solopreneurs discover and subscribe to new business software tools in many different categories (sales, marketing, social media management, lead generation, etc.).

The tools listed in our App Store have been carefully selected by our team of SaaS (software-as-a-service) experts, who have negotiated exclusive deals that you can only find through onetool.  

Learn how you can subscribe to one of our partner tools here. 

However, our partnership with these tools goes beyond deal negotiations. We integrate with them (technically speaking) so our users can subscribe and unsubscribe to them with just a few clicks through the onetool dashboard. This helps administrators save tons of time during employee onboarding and offboarding. 

Note: To get access to the dashboard, you must sign up to onetool first.

Learn more about the onetool dashboard here.

Before you can subscribe to a tool, you must first activate your dashboard.

To activate your dashboard, you must sign up to onetool (which only a minute).

This is how you do it:

Step 1: Enter your company email address here →

Step 2: Add your profile info (name, company, company size, and role)

…and that’s it! 

You’ll be directed straight to your very own onetool dashboard where you can access the App Store (see image below) and subscribe to tools! 

Access the App Store


Subscribing to a tool through onetool is quick and simple.

The very first is to log in to your dashboard here:

If you don’t have a dashboard yet, sign up to onetool. Click here to learn how. 

Access the App Store

In the App Store, you’ll see that all the tools are divided into categories to help you find the type of tool you’re looking for:

Select a Tool Category

Once you find a tool in the category you’re looking for, click on the tool logo to go to the tool details page and get all the info you need: pricing, descriptions, features, pictures, and intro video (if available).

Tool Details Page

Next, click on any of the Try 14-days for FREE buttons like the one in the picture below) to subscribe:

Note: All tools begin with a 14-day trial and you can only subscribe (pay) for a tool once the trial period is over. Our team is currently working on a version of the dashboard that will allow you to skip the trial period if you want to, and it will be released very soon.  

Click the Button to try the tool 14 days for free




The onetool Dashboard

Dashboard Structure

The onetool dashboard is a unique platform where you can discover, sign up and manage tools easily.

The features in the dashboard are different for Administrators and Users. Before we go into all of these in detail, let’s define what an Administrator and a User is: 

  • Administrator – A user with administrative rights, for example: add or remove team members, update the company’s billing information, and approve all tool requests from the team. 
  • User – A user does not have administrative rights, but has access to other features, such as discovery and single-sign-on.

The User Dashboard

Let’s go over the features in the User’s dashboard first.

1. App Store 

As a user, you can access the App Store through the dashboard to discover new tools. 

To access the App Store, go to the top menu on the dashboard and click on App Store. 

You can also click here to go to the App Store.  

2. Request a tool 

Only Administrators have the ability to purchase (subscribe) to tools and invite all team members. However, Users can still visit the App Store and submit a request to their Administrator to subscribe to a tool. Once the request is submitted and the Administrator approves it, the tool is added to the User’s dashboard. 

3. Easy Access (Single-sign-on)

With onetool, you can now login to your tools with just a click. The only password you’ll need is your onetool dashboard password. 

Simply, go to your dashboard, click on the tool you want to access, and you’re in! 

You don’t have tools on your dashboard yet? Visit the App Store and check out any tool free for 14 days. 

The Administrator dashboard

The Administrator dashboard gives you quick access to the App Store and letls you login to tools with a click, just like the User dashboard does.

When you click on “Administrator” on the top (next to App Store), you’ll see the page shown in the image below.

You’ll notice that the dashboard is divided into 5 different groups (located on the left side): Users, Departments, Tools, Tools Requests, and Payments.


The categories of the admin dashboard


1. Users

This page gives the Administrator an overview of all the users in the company that have been added to onetool, and it lists each user’s name, email, department, date of last login, role, and current status. 

The Administrator can add new users to join onetool by clicking on the button: + Add user.


2. Departments

Identify your team members’ departments so you can have a better understanding of each department’s tool usage.


3. Tools

This section gives you an overview of all the tools members in your company are subscribed to.


4. Tools Requests

As an Administrator, you are the only one in your team with the ability to accept or deny your team members tool requests. 

This way you can make sure you‘ll have full control of your team tool expenses. 


4. Payments

This section lists all the payments you make to onetool. 

Everytime you subscribe to a tool once your trial is over, you pay a pro-rata rate to cover the days that are left on the current month. This list will include these and all other tool payments you make to onetool. 


Click on each invoice to get all the details (tool name, date, amount paid, VAT, etc.):

Partner Integrations

Absolutely! With onetool you can put an end to wasting money on unused, dusty SaaS tools and software subscriptions. You can upgrade your tools plans and cancel your current subscriptions through the Manage Tools sections on your onetool dashboard, with just a few clicks. 

Keep in mind that all changes you make to the tools in the Manage Tools section will take effect on the 1st of next month when the new billing cycle begins. In other words, when you remove a tool from the Manage Tools section you will see it disappear immediately, but you will still see it on your dashboard so you can use it until the end of the current month.

No, not at the moment as our main priority is to provide our users with subscription flexibility.


Plans & pricing

With onetool, you pay only for the tool plans you subscribe to on a monthly basis. 

Each tool has different plans with different prices, and you can find them all on the App Store.

If you go to the app store, you’re able to browse through all the tool partners we have onboard. Get all the details you need (tool features, plans, prices, etc.) by clicking on each tool logo.

It is important to note that, while some of our partner tools offer plans that include multiple users, most of the tools are priced per user/per month. 


onetool dashboard

The onetool dashboard is free. You only pay for the tools you use. 


onetool exclusive plans 

Some of our partner tools offer 1 or 2 onetool exclusive plans, which our partners created specially for onetool and our users can only find them on our App Store (and not on our partner tools’ websites). 

Some of these onetool exclusive plans have slightly different features than the plans our partners offer on their websites,and this lets us offer them at a cheaper price.

A good example of a partner tool with an onetool exclusive plan is SiteGuru. If you look at the onetool exclusive plan and their Small plan, you can see that both plans have different numbers of pages per site and, hence, the price difference between them is huge. The onetool exclusive gives all onetool users the ability to save over 50% if the features fit their needs.

Explore all the tools with onetool exclusive plans here. 


Exclusive deals

We’ve partnered with awesome tools that want to give our users great deals. These discounts can go from 15% to 80% off from their original price.  

You can find all the tool discounts and special deals on the App Store. 


Free plans

Also known as freemium plans. 

Instead of a 14 day free trial, some of our partner tools offer a free plan with limited features, so you can give their tool a try and check it out indefinitely. 

Click here to access the list of free plans available in the App Store.

How To

Log in to your tools

Login into your tools just got easier with onetool. 

You simply log in to your dashboard and click on the tool you want to access. A new window tab with the tool’s page will be created and you’re in!

No more usernames and password needed. You can log in to your dashboard here:

Change a tool plan subscription

As an Administrator, you are able to upgrade the plan on any of your tools by clicking on the three dots on the top right corner of the tool box:


Now choose your new plan and confirm:


Note: The plan change will also take effect on all other users in your team using the same tool. In other words, if you downgrade your plan, your team members will be downgraded too, so you can all continue working together.


Cancel a tool subscription

To cancel a subscription (unsubsribe), follow these 3 steps:

Step 1 – Go to your dashboard and click on the three dots on the top right corner of the tool box:


Step 2 – Click on ‘remove’:


Step 3 – Confirm the removal:


…and that’s it! 


Note: When you remove a tool, you’ll still have access to it until the end of the current month because you’ve already paid for it. Once the current month is over, the tool will be removed completely.


Add a user to onetool

As an Administrator, you can add a user by following these steps:

Step 1 – Click on ‘Administrator’ on the top menu of your dashboard:



Step 2 – Go to User on the left side menu:



Step 4 – Add the user’s name, email address, department, and role; and click ‘Add user’:




General Questions

If you already have a onetool account: 

1) log in to your onetool dashboard,
2) go to the Tool Store and select the tool you want to try out.
3) Through your dashboard, log in to the tool by clicking on Go to Tool.


If you don’t have a onetool account yet:

  1. go to 
  2. enter your email address to activate your free onetool account,
  3. log in to your onetool dashboard, 
  4. go to the Tool Store and select the tool you want to try out,

through your dashboard, log in to the tool by clicking on Go to Tool.

Yes. As of now, all the tools in the Tool Store offer a 14-day free trial. This could change in the future if any of the new tools do not have this available. However, it’s super easy to confirm if the tool you want to check out offer a trial or not. Simply go to Tool Store and click on the tool you’re interested in to access the tool details (features and prices). If the tool offers a 14-day trial, it’ll be listed as an option.

It depends on the tool. Some of them are able to technically  “transfer” your existing account to a onetool deal, but for others, you will have to delete your current account and re-open a new one through onetool.

Please reach out to us at or via the chat in your onetool dashboard. Tell us the tool plan you’d like and the total number of members in your team, and we’ll get back to you ASAP.


Our highest priority is to protect your data. Onetool connects your profile to the apps, SaaS tools, and services you need. Onetool’s data (i.e. billing information, payments, member log-ins, etc.) remains on our servers at all times.

We believe that no one knows the tools on our platform better than the people that actually make them, our partners. To ensure you have a great experience, and you find the answers that you want, all customer support is provided by the customer success team of each tool.