Frequently Asked Questions


  1. Sign-up by typing in your email address
  2. You will get an email asking you to confirm your account. (Please check your spam folder if you cannot find the email.)
  3. onetool will now ask you for your general information.
  4. The next step is the tool selection. Please select the tools that you want to use during your first month.
  5. Invite your co-workers.
  6. Enjoy all your tools from one dashboard.


Absolutely! With onetool, you can put an end to wasting money on unused, dusty apps, and software subscriptions. You can switch your selected tools every month. Don’t need a tool anymore? No problem! – deselect it in your member area and replace it with another tool of more value to you.

Yes, we do. All your employees can select the plan with right the right amount of credits they need. If you are the admin you can invite your co-workers in your dashboard.

No, not at the moment as our main priority is to provide our users with subscription flexibility.


Credits are what you use to subscribe to software through onetool. Depending on your membership plan, you get a certain number of credits each month. You choose how to use your credits each cycle. Tools on onetool have different credit rates, which are dynamically priced based on a number of factors.

If you’re running low on credits, you can always add more by upgrading to a higher plan.

We are currently not rolling over unused credits into your next month.

How credits work

You can use credits to subscribe to software through onetool. Every month, members receive a set number of credits to subscribe to software to discover new tools.

How do we calculate credits?

Different tools have different credit rates depending on:

  • Category: niche vs. mass categories
  • Popularity: smaller, unknown tools vs. larger, international brands
  • Quality & Features: number of features and feature quality

Pro tips

  • Give unknown brands a chance, their features are often superior to the ones of known brands
  • Explore newly added tools
  • Don’t switch your tools too often, they will get more expensive and you will loose your cheap credit rate


We believe that no one knows the tools on our platform better than the people that actually make them, our partners. To ensure you have a great experience, and you find the answers that you want, all customer support is provided by the customer success team of each tool.


With onetool, your tool selection is as easy as it gets. You will select your tools as soon as you choose your onetool subscription plan and sign up. Once you have your onetool account set up, you’ll be able to add and remove tools on your admin dashboard at all times.

Our highest priority is to protect your data. Onetool connects your profile to the apps, SaaS tools, and services you need. Onetool’s data (i.e. billing information, payments, member log-ins, etc.) remains on our servers at all times.

You have two options:

1) Use your onetool dashboard after you log in on, or

2) you can directly visit a secret link (provided by onetool) to the software provider website. On these websites, you will be able to log in through a “sign in with onetool” button, using your onetool credentials.

No. Permission management will have to take place within our partners’ website.

Yes, as long as each user has enough credits.