Frequently Asked Questions


If you already have a onetool account: 

1) log in to your onetool dashboard,
2) go to the Tool Store and select the tool you want to try out.
3) Through your dashboard, log in to the tool by clicking on Go to Tool.


If you don’t have a onetool account yet:

  1. go to 
  2. enter your email address to activate your free onetool account,
  3. log in to your onetool dashboard, 
  4. go to the Tool Store and select the tool you want to try out,

through your dashboard, log in to the tool by clicking on Go to Tool.

Yes. As of now, all the tools in the Tool Store offer a 14-day free trial. This could change in the future if any of the new tools do not have this available. However, it’s super easy to confirm if the tool you want to check out offer a trial or not. Simply go to Tool Store and click on the tool you’re interested in to access the tool details (features and prices). If the tool offers a 14-day trial, it’ll be listed as an option.

It depends on the tool. Some of them are able to technically  “transfer” your existing account to a onetool deal, but for others, you will have to delete your current account and re-open a new one through onetool.

Please reach out to us at or via the chat in your onetool dashboard. Tell us the tool plan you’d like and the total number of members in your team, and we’ll get back to you ASAP.


You can follow these simple steps:

  1. go to,
  2. enter your email address,
  3. Click to the link we emailed and add your info to activate your onetool dashboard, 
  4. Invite your team members, and you’re all set! 

It will only take you a minute.


Absolutely! With onetool you can put an end to wasting money on unused, dusty SaaS tools and software subscriptions. You can upgrade your tools plans and cancel your current subscriptions through the Manage Tools sections on your onetool dashboard, with just a few clicks. 

Keep in mind that all changes you make to the tools in the Manage Tools section will take effect on the 1st of next month when the new billing cycle begins. In other words, when you remove a tool from the Manage Tools section you will see it disappear immediately, but you will still see it on your dashboard so you can use it until the end of the current month.

No, not at the moment as our main priority is to provide our users with subscription flexibility.


The first you have to do is sign up to join onetool and get access to your dashboard, free of charge (go to, enter your email, and follow the simple steps to activate your account).

Once you’re in your dashboard, go to Tool Store and search for the tool you’d like to select. You can start with a 14-day free trial!

Our highest priority is to protect your data. Onetool connects your profile to the apps, SaaS tools, and services you need. Onetool’s data (i.e. billing information, payments, member log-ins, etc.) remains on our servers at all times.

With onetool you can log in to your tools though your onetool dashboard with one click! You don’t have to create or enter any other user credentials. 

Simply, login to your dashboard and click on Go to Tool right below the tool logo. This will take you straight into your tool workspace!

No, an admin in onetool can only edit the team members’ permission within onetool. To edit the user rights in any of your tools, you’ll have to do it through their settings.


We believe that no one knows the tools on our platform better than the people that actually make them, our partners. To ensure you have a great experience, and you find the answers that you want, all customer support is provided by the customer success team of each tool.