Really Simple Systems

Really Simple Systems

Really Simple Systems is a CRM focused on simplicity.




A centralized hub for sales, support, and marketing where everything is in one place. Really Simple Systems gives you full visibility of your customers’ interactions with your product and helps you build upon the strength of your team and their customer relationships. Easily customize your CRM by choosing your own fields so you can quickly find your data and create individual dashboards highlighting what’s important to your business.

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Single Sign On
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Pricing & Features

Company Records
Document Storage
Contact Management
Pipeline Management
Opportunity History
Sales Weightings & Probability
Sales Stages
Product Lines
Tasks, Events & Calendars
Assign & Re0assign Tasks
Linked Accounts
One-page View
Searches and Filters
Merge Records
Email Integrations
Sales group Permission Levels
Listing & Forecast Reports
Customer Reports
Advanced Reporting
Scheduled report
Run-time Options
Custom Chart Widgets
Custom Fields
Custom Tables
Custom Dropdown Lists
Custom Dashboards
Custom Pages
Custom Forms
Custom Menus
Custom Charts
In-page Help Drawers
Online Customer Portal
Video Tutorials
Live Webinars
Email & Online Chat Support
Telephone Support
Account Manager
Team Training
International Time Zones
Responsive Design for Smartphones
Contact Calling from Smartphone
SSL Encryption
Easy Data Import/Export
Historical Data Imports
User Permission Levels
User Groups
User Profiles
Google Maps
Outlook 365 Calendar to Tasks
Google Contacts
Accounting Integration
VoIP Telephony
Single Sign-on
API Calls per 15 Minutes
API Calls per Day
API Calls per Month