Pipedrive is a CRM designed for simplicity.



Pipedrive lets you use web forms and your own custom chatbot to generate leads, easily track and control all communications such as emails and calls, and automate your repetitive administration tasks so you can save tons of time. You can also analyze your team’s performance and deep dive into metrics customized for your business. Pipedrive is simply the CRM that has it all!

Pricing & Features

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Instant Tool Access
Single Sign On
Single Invoice
Deal management
Customizable pipelines
Custom fields
Data import and export
Merge duplicate data
Web forms
Products Catalog
Deal rotting
Contact and org management
Email inbox
2-way email sync
Emails linked to contacts and deals
Customizable email templates
Group emailng
Customizable signatures
Workflow automation
Activity reminder notification
Important fields
Deal reports
Recurring revenue reports
Native mobile Android and iOS apps
GSuite and Microsoft integration
24/7 support