Top 6 Sales Tools To Help Your Startup Grow

Sales is key to the success of any business. Luckily, today powerful sales tools software eliminates many of the pains sales representatives experience in the cycle. From prospecting, lead generation and outreach, to engaging and qualifying them before setting up meetings and finally closing, everything is software assisted!

And of course you need to keep track of all your potential customers and where they are in the pipeline.

This article is a guide to one of our favorite sales solutions for outreach at onetool. It takes you through the steps needed to leverage the best sales tools in the business and take your sales efforts to the next level!

autoklose sales tools
Vectera sales tools

The first step in the sales process is finding prospective customers for your Business. Autoklose is an alternative and a powerful prospecting and sales tools automation software which lets you target and engage potential customers or “prospects”, based on different data points.

For instance you can create a contact list, or target group by choosing the criteria you think or know apply to your customers. Filter Autoklose’s lead database for people or companies based on location, industry, role, seniority, title, keywords or number of employees. Autoklose will then provide a list of leads that fit these criteria for which it has an email available, besides numerous other data points such as company info and address.

Once you have your lead list, you can move it to Autokloses integrated email outreach automation tool. You can then write the email and sequence you want to send to your prospects and use the templates Autoklose provides to get the most out of all the data points available.

Finally you can also track and manage your contacts, email campaigns and team as well as their performance.

The large number of contacts and value it offers for a complete set of features is what makes it our option of choice for sales engagement.

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Verifying Emails with Bouncer

Making sure all the emails you contact exist is key to successful email outreach, in order to keep bounce rates low and make sure you’re outreach doesn’t get flagged.

Although Autoklose, like most sales tools engagement platforms, offers an integrated email verification tool, dedicated email verification tools such as Bouncer, a alternative almost always have much more accurate verification than integrated verification features.

As a result you may want to export your contacts and verify them externally with a dedicated email verification tool such as Bouncer before adding them back to Autokloses email automation tool.

In case you already have an email list, you can also benefit from Bouncers verification before uploading them to your email automation tool.

Bouncer’s high level of accuracy combined with very low price points makes it our email verification tool of choice.


Pitching your Product using Storyxpress

In order to send convincing cold emails, or simply to provide more information to leads who respond to your emails you may want to use additional media such as video recordings. We recommend using Storyxpress a great alternative to Loom to create screen and facecam recordings and clearly explain your value proposition and product. Storyxpress functions with a chrome extension which is very easy to set up and activate anytime.

Once you created your video explanations you will be able to find them in your recordings along with a link to your video. Simply copy the link using the button provided and send it to your prospects. They will be able to view the video immediately once they click on your link. 

With the video explanations your product should be clear to all your leads and they can get started right away!

Storyxpress also offers additional features such as video Hosting in case you already have a product video you would like to easily share via a link on an ad free platform and a basic drag and drop video creation tool.


Taking Sales Meetings with Vectera

Setting up meetings with your leads is the first crucial step toward closing a deal. In most cases today sales representatives take all of their sales meetings online rather than in person.

Two things necessary for successful online sales meetings are easy scheduling and video conferencing.

Vectera is a Zoom and Calendly alternative, which offers the two key features they provide, video conferencing & scheduling combined and is geared towards sales meetings.

Your leads can book themselves into your calendar using a calendly style personal scheduling link, which creates an event in your calendar and automatically adds a correspondingly named online meeting room.

Another feature which makes Vectera ideal for sales meetings is whitelabelling, a feature which lets you add your custom company design language and design to your meeting rooms, so that you can make a great impression right away!

Furthermore Vectera has great options for interactive sales meetings such as whiteboards, the ability to review documents together, co-browse and screenshare.

The large number of sales oriented features as well as the combination of calendar & meeting tool makes it our sales meeting tool of choice.


Closing Deals with Docsketch

Signing contracts digitally is standard procedure today, particularly when working remotely and/or running an international venture. Docsketch provides the same e-signing functionality as market leaders e.g. Docusign, and is easy to use whilst offering much better value.

Great! After your sales call you should hopefully be ready to send out your sale contract to the prospect you want to close.

Docsketch is a great Docusign alternative and esignature tool. Click on “Add your first document” directly on the homepage.

As with all good e-signing tools contracts signed with Docsketch are legally binding in North America and the European Union (among others).

Docsketch’s ease of use and value makes it our e signature tool of choice.


Customer Relationship Management with Pipedrive

CRM software lets you keep track of your customers during the sales and customer cycle. Using CRMs is crucial to being able to manage and analyse interactions with past and current potential customers without losing track of hundreds or thousands of leads and customers.

Pipedrive is a sales crm or sales funnel software tool that teams of all sizes love using, although it is particularly well suited to startups as it provides a high level of customization and can be used to manage all sorts of relationships next to customers, for example investors and partnerships. Its signature feature is its “pipeline” crm dashboard that visualizes sales and other cycles very well.

The comprehensive functionality it offers including integrations with tools up and down your funnel combined with value makes it our CRM tool of choice for startups.

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Getting Access to the Best Sales Tools Software

The easiest way to access the tools we love is to open and sign up for free, as this will mean you only need to do the sign up process once, as opposed to for each tool individually. You also get access to a free trial as well as large discounts on all the tools you will need.

Once you have logged in to onetool you will get access to your dashboard and can navigate to the app store to start selecting the sales tools you need. In the app store using the search function add the tools recommended above to your dashboard and click on one to get started!

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