Top 7 Best Appointment Scheduling Apps

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Appointments are essential for any business’s success, especially when you’re able to pinpoint the best time and date for everyone. However, without the best tools for the job, scheduling your meetings can be overwhelming.

For that reason, if it makes sense for you to have a guide that brings you the best and proven to work appointment scheduling apps, you’re in the right place. These apps allow you to define your availability, do away with double bookings, and eliminate the back- and- forth scheduling processes. Let’s get the party started, shall we?

Yet another appointment scheduling software, Cogsworth lets you either a link to share with your clients, or you have the option to embed the scheduler right on your website.

Cogsworth adds an extra layer of flexibility by allowing you to gather information in the form of questions you can easily drag and drop and offer to people to respond to prior to scheduling any meeting.

You can easily create custom reminders with either email or SMS to ensure all parties are aware of an upcoming call. 

Cogsworth syncs to both Google and Outlook, and you can further customize the calendar to meet your business’ needs.



With MeetFox, you can easily book a meeting outside working hours, which is a superb way to convert a significant number of clients from different platforms. This day Planner app also allows you to customize your booking page to perfectly match your services and engage your potential clients altogether.

Moreover, MeetFox comes with an essential character that allows you to schedule your time with different options. You can either schedule time with Google or Microsoft connections. Better yet, the app offers Automatic SMS and email reminders to ensure limited no-shows, especially for people who like to be reminded now and then.

Another important factor about MeetFox is enabling you to integrate your website or share its links within a wide range of platforms and areas. Even better, you’re eligible to use the app to brand your organization by customizing colors and confirmation emails for better customer engagements. Additionally, you may want to try the app because of top-notch features such as:

  • Easy implementation of video conferencing without plug-ins and downloads needed
  • High compatibility to a wide range of devices
  • Easy file sharing and chats between participants
  • Group calls for up to 16- participants



Suppose you didn’t find MeetFox super-helpful for your needs, another best daily planner app is Calendly, which is also an excellent option to schedule meetings without the back –and- forth emails.

First, setting up Calendly is a walk in the park. The app only wants to know your availability preferences and will automatically schedule appointments for you.

Moreover, Calendly allows you to share your links via emails or embed links on your website for people to locate your schedules easily. Your pick time and events are also added to the app’s calendar to ensure quick reminders to guests.

With the app’s Calendar Integration features, you have a wide range of options scheduling your meetings with Google, Office 365, iCloud calendar, and Outlook, which all work perfectly to avoid double bookings.

Another essential feature is you’ll have complete control over your meetings because of the app’s set buffer time feature between meetings. Again, this feature ensures you’re at ease, preventing last minutes meetings as well as an ability to create private events.

Calendly supports one- on- one and group meetings without compromising quality. Still, the app works with many other tools such as Salesforce, Zapier, and GoToMeeting.

Lastly, successful scheduling obeys time, and that’s something you’ll still enjoy with the app. It comes with time zone intelligent capabilities detection for every invitee on your page, so there won’t be time management issues during meetings.



Next up, another online scheduler you may want to try apart from the above is ScheduleOnce. With the app, the first benefit is you can easily integrate it with virtual meeting tools like Zoom, Microsoft Teams, GoToMeeting, and WebexMeeting.

Whether you work from the office or remotely, ScheduleOnce ensures easy scheduling of phone, virtual, and face-to-face meetings. Better yet, ScheduleOnce helps you integrate video conferencing apps, which enables prompt updates and notifications to participants.

Suppose you’re looking to schedule privacy meetings; the app also offers a chance to schedule meetings with secure passwords for security purposes. Although the app comes with paid features, there’s still a 14-day free trial period you can try and see if its features meet your needs.



If you’re running a service-based business, SimplyBook can be a good option for scheduling your meetings. With the app, you can easily integrate it with your business website or create a custom booking page. Additionally, you can use the app on social media where clients can book directly from platforms like Facebook and Instagram.



Through this app, salespeople can easily customize their availability, create booking pages, and send to prospects and current clients without a hassle plus, you can integrate the app into your website’s emails or landing pages, and you’ll still experience a magnificent experience from its features.

While other scheduling apps for salespeople come with paid features and short-lived free versions, Appointlet has a free version you can use forever. Best of all, the free version has unlimited meetings, form fields, and bookings.



Another excellent option for those looking for scheduling apps with free versions with unlimited benefits is Doodle. Through Doodle, you can create meeting polls and send them to clients all from its free version. Even better, like the paid version, Doodle’s free version allows meeting hosts to suggest time and date while invitees vote on the agreed schedules.

However, for Doodle to work perfectly, removing ads from your meeting polls is an essential consideration.

You can also easily use the free version to seamlessly collect contact information for reaching prospects with your other marketing approaches.

Finally, through Doodle, there is a calendar event added to your invitees’ calendar you can check to know prospects you want to invite in your next meetings and more. Again, the app has a dashboard where you can correctly manage your meetings.


While running organizations can be hectic, having tools that offer seamless experiences is an excellent option for smoother operations. As such, if you’re wondering about tools that you can easily use to schedule appointments, any of the above can get you off the ground. Grab one that suits your needs and preferences!

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