The Best Online Video Editor Options Available Today

best online video editor

There is quite arguably no better time in history than the present to be creative. Thanks to the online market, you can find an audience for your art just about anywhere, all it takes is practice and perseverance. Well, and also some good tools can help. 

If you are looking to record and share videos, whether it’s for some other hobby/creative endeavor or the recording and sharing of videos themselves are your creative endeavor, then you need to have the right tools for the job. 

This means foremost a high-quality smartphone with a camera or something like a GoPro through which you can capture high-quality videos and then, just as importantly, a high-quality video editing software through which you can properly edit those videos for mass consumption.

But how do you go about finding the right video editor for your needs? Well, the following quick article is a look at some of the best online editing tools available today and how they can help you take your videos to new heights.

Top 3 Online Video Editing Tools


InVideo is a top online video editing tool for just about everyone, from individuals look to improve their personal videos to companies trying to create better branded social media videos. This tool is so versatile thanks to its powerful and robust array of features offered within a user-intuitive program.

This best online video editor tool has a ton of exciting features that include:

  • Over 1500 handcrafted templates that can be used to create authentic and engaging videos
  • The best in personalizing editing features like layers, filters, and transitions
  • Ability to make videos in any language with the added bonus of an automated text to speech feature
  • Seamless HD video export feature
  • Massive media library
  • Integrated download and share buttons that make it easy to share across popular social media platforms like YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook


As you can see, InVideo has a ton to offer its users and, unlike the other top online video editing tools on our list, you can use this one at length for free. 

This makes it an ideal choice for those users who want to try out making videos but don’t want to pay yet for regular features. The following is a look at what’s included in the free and other InVideo plants:

  • Free Plan. This version gives users access to all of InVideo’s editing features as well as video exporting for upwards of 60 videos per month (with the watermark included).
  • Business Plan for $10/month. This plan is great for regular users and those creators who want to take their videos to the next level. That’s because this version enables the ability to export 60 high-definition videos with access to over 300 premium photos and videos via Storyblocks and Shutterstock.
  • Unlimited Plan for $30/month. Want unlimited access to video exporting and Storybooks and Shutterstock photos and videos? Then go for the InVideo Unlimited plan. This package offers all of the fantastic features of InVideo plus the ability to export unlimited HD videos — making it an ideal choice for heavy users — plus you get intro maker no watermark.

Biteable is a fantastic platform that is best utilized by business owners and creators who need to make and distribute videos easily and cleanly. This online video editor boasts a user-friendly interface that is well-laid out and easy to understand whether this is your first video editing tool or your fiftieth.

What makes Biteable really unique, however, is that rather than outsourcing designs and other items, they have a full in-house team of animators, producers, and copywriters. 

When you sign up with a monthly or annual subscription with them, you get access to a massive library of stock images, clips, animations, and templates; all of which can help take your video to real professional heights.

There are three available plans offered by Biteable:

  • A free version that enables users to have access to about 1.8 million of those images and clips but with the caveat that each will leave a watermark on the video itself when exported.
  • A “Plus” version which will include unlimited access to images and clips with custom branding (no Biteable watermark), commercial usage, and high-resolution 1080p. This plan costs $19/month
  • An “Ultimate” version which includes everything in the Plus version as well as personalized assistance with that onboard team of creatives. This plan costs $49/month but is a great choice for those just getting into video editing and in need of professional collaboration on their work.

If you are looking to make animated videos, whether to share your hobby or to boost your business, then consider the top online video editor of Renderforest. 

Renderforest boasts a library of over 195,000 high definition royalty-free stock images that you can take advantage of as you create slideshows, promotional videos, whiteboard graphics, tutorials, and much more. 

In fact, if you are looking to make a video of a mobile app you’re creating, then you will love what this online video editing tool can offer you. Plus, the diverse templates mean you can easily modify each video to meet your brand”s identity.

That said, Renderforest does not have a free option insofar as allowing you to export your video (you can try all of their features for free but will be prevented from exporting the created videos). In order to both create and export created Renderforest videos in high-quality you will have to choose from one of the four available plans:

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