LanguageTool vs. Grammarly

Particularly in business correspondence, texts have to be written quickly. It can happen that one or the other spelling mistake or grammatical error occurs and punctuation marks are forgotten. However, correct spelling is a must for business mails, documents or blog entries. It often decides on success or failure in business.

Especially in foreign languages, people are often uncertain and make mistakes in grammar and spelling. Thankfully there are apps and plugins that support you with your spelling.

Two apps I would like to introduce to you are grammarly and LanguageTool. Both tools are great to help you write correctly but have different features and approaches. Let’s dig deeper into this.

1. Supported Languages

Grammarly unfortunately only supports English language correction, while LanguageTool has the approach to support a broad variety of languages, such as English, Spanish, French, German, Russian or even Chinese. LanguageTool supports over 20 languages.

2. Software integrations

Grammar checkers can only play to their full strength if they can be integrated into the software you use. LanguageTool supports over 25 plugins and apps, whereas the number of supported software is much smaller with grammarly.

Below is a list of the supported software.

languagetool vs. grammarly add-on comparison

3. Pricing and Features

Free Plans

Both grammar checking tools, Grammarly ang LanguageTool offer a free plan for their users. However both offer only a limited functionality for the free plan. Grammarly only offers basic grammar, spelling and punctuation checking as well as limited conciseness and tone detection.

LanguageTool on the other hand limits its free plan capabilities to 20,000 characters per check and the MS Word add-on can not be used.

Premium Plans

The premium plans of both LanguageTool and Grammarly offer you the full range of functions that both apps offer.

LanguageTools‘ premium plan (4,92€/user/month) offers you to check grammar, style and spelling for texts with 40,000 characters at once. They have thousands of patterns for finding errors in more than 20 languages and provide you with a Microsoft Word add-on so that you end up with perfect grammar in your documents.

The Grammarly premium plan (11,66$/user/month) gives you access to consistency in spelling and punctuation as well as fluency checking. Their software checks your texts also for the readability, a compelling vocabulary and a lively sentence variety. The tone detection gets unlocked for all sites and additional checks for confident, polite, formal, and inclusive language are available in the premium plan.

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