14 Best Social Media Management Tools to Grow Your Engagement

14 Best Social Media Management Tools to Grow Your Engagement

Social media marketers wear a lot of hats. Finding relevant content, publishing it, promoting it, replying to comments. There’s always something else to keep you busy, and you don’t have time to do it all manually.

If you don’t have a way to automate parts of your social media workflow, you won’t have any time to create meaningful and engaging content or interact with your audience and customers.

Luckily, there are a variety of awesome social media management tools out there to help with:

  • Finding content to share
  • Scheduling content for publishing
  • Reviewing engagement
  • Managing replies to followers


They’ll help you improve your productivity, and you’ll have more time to focus on creating a social media strategy that moves the needle for your brand.

In this guide, we’re going to show you some of the best social media management tools out there. You can use them to kickstart, measure, and optimize your social media campaigns, and save hours every week compared to doing things manually.

What are Social Media Management Tools?

Social media management tools let you manage your social media activity without having to actually visit the sites.

You’ll be able to schedule and post to your channels like Facebook and Twitter simultaneously, from a single dashboard.

Most tools will also pull data and analytics from the platforms so you can track what’s working and find ways to improve your social media presence.

Do You Really Need a Tool to Manage Social Media

Twitter, Facebook, and even LinkedIn let you schedule posts from their own dashboard. So, why do you need a tool to manage this?

Well, even if each social platform has its own tools, they’re not compatible with each other, and you’ll still need to do repetitive work to schedule posts on each one.

Additionally, it can get complicated to run your analytics whenever you need a quick overview of performance. Most good social media marketing tools will let you see a unified view of your analytics data, so you can get a quick overview of how everything is going.

You’ll save hours every week and be able to access the insights you need to make smart decisions easily, and share updates with your team.

Social Media Scheduling

Automate your social media posting across every channel and analyze performance


SocialBee is a powerful social media scheduling tool that works for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Google My Business.

There’s a variety of powerful features to help you grow your engagement and customer base using social media.

There’s a recycle feature that lets you reuse and repurpose your best evergreen content, category-based scheduling so you can easily ensure you’re sharing different types of content.

There’s a useful bulk editor that lets you quickly review and edit multiple posts at once, send them to other social platforms, and approve posts, all in one place.

SocialBee also lets you add custom URLs for every post, and you can combine this with URL shortening tools like Rebrandly to give you access to detailed engagement analytics.

Pricing: Free trial available, paid plans start at $8.75/month on onetool

Key features:

  • Post on every social platform from one place
  • Repurpose and repost your evergreen content
  • Pixel to retarget audience across the web
  • Detailed analytics on engagement to find your best performing content
  • Competitor monitoring

Social media scheduler with great features for Instagram management


Later is a solid option. It was originally designed for Instagram, and comes with features that many other scheduling tools lack, such as auto-publishing to Instagram, a useful visual Instagram planner to preview how posts will look on your grid, and even lets you schedule the first comment to help with engagement.

You can even schedule Instagram stories, and see analytics on the times of day that your content gets the most engagement.

However, it’s not just for Instagram. Later works with Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest, so you can manage all of your main platforms in one place.

There’s various other useful features, like detailed analytics, easy ways to find and share user-generated content, and hashtag suggestions to reach your audience most effectively.

Pricing: Free plan available, paid plans start at $7.50/month

Key features:

  • Powerful social media scheduling for Instagram
  • Visual preview and calendar view
  • Discover hashtags that your audience engages with
  • Manage multiple accounts and add other team members

Complete social media scheduling, monitoring, and analytics suite


Hootsuite is another popular choice, and it’s got everything most social media marketers will need.

You can manage your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and YouTube content from one dashboard.

If you’re managing multiple channels, the Streams feature lets you see an easy overview of scheduled posts, mentions, and activity, so you never miss an engagement opportunity with your customers and audience.

Hootsuite also has social listening tools so that you can monitor keywords, hashtags, and accounts. You’ll be able to join relevant conversations at the right time and never miss an important moment.

Pricing: Free trial available, paid plans start at $29/month

Key features:

  • Social scheduling for all major social networks
  • Calendar view to see published and scheduled content
  • Collaborative features to work with your team

Simple and effective social media scheduling and analytics


Buffer offers two core products. One is Buffer Publish, a scheduling tool. The other is called Analyze, and its core focus is on creating detailed reports on how your content is performing.

Buffer has all the features you would expect, such as post scheduling on the major social platforms, a browser extension to schedule content on the go, and the ability to easily see an overview of all of your scheduled posts.

If you want to access Buffer Analyze, you’ll have to pay an extra subscription fee, but it’ll give you access to analytics across Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and even Shopify. You can see how well posts, hashtags, and other variables in your social media strategy are performing.

Pricing: Free trial available, paid plans start at $15/month

Key features:

  • Manage up to 25 social channels
  • Multi-user features to collaborate with your team
  • Hashtag manager
  • Powerful analytics as a paid extra

Design and schedule Pinterest and Instagram posts


If your customers hang out on Pinterest and Instagram, Tailwind is a great option. The features are designed specifically to help with sharing visuals, and there’s a selection of design tools to help you create Pins with a cohesive, professional look.

The Tailwind browser extension lets you create new Pins from pages you find around the web, and schedule them on your content calendar instantly.

You can also join “Tribes”, which are essentially mini-influencer pods run by Tailwind that you can join to increase engagement on your content and find new content that popular profiles are sharing.

The Instagram features include everything you need to grow your engagement, such as a hashtag finder, easy scheduling, a visual content calendar, and even a branded landing page that you can add to your Instagram Bio to get more people engaging with your best content.

Pricing: Free trial, paid plans start at $9.99/month per channel

Key features:

  • Quickly create engaging Pins
  • Analytics for individual Pins and whole Boards
  • Quickly schedule new Pins with a browser extension
  • Join Tribes to find new content and boost engagement

Automate social media scheduling with a smart content scheduling tool


MeetEdgar’s social media platform is designed to help you grow your social presence without having to invest hours of your time into it every day. Once you’ve filled your content library with posts and content, Edgar can use that content to repurpose and re-fill your content calendar on autopilot.

It can scan your blog posts for “quote-worthy” captions, then automatically schedule your posts to go out.

You can create content categories (e.g., blog posts, UGC, testimonials) and automatically rotate them so your social feeds never get repetitive and boring. There’s also a browser extension that lets you generate social posts from your own, or curate people’s content online.

Pricing: Free trial available, paid plans start at $19/month

Key features:

  • Automatically find relevant quotes from your content
  • Create and rotate categories of content
  • Automatically re-fills your content calendar when it’s empty
  • Browser extension to quickly add new items to your schedule

Link Management Tools

Link management platform to track your URL performance


Rebrandly lets you create custom short URLs that are ideal for sharing across social media. It’ll help with branding, and you’ll be able to see detailed analytics on how your links perform.

You can see details on how many people click your links, where your audience is engaging with your links, and see which channels are performing best.

It’s great for branding, as you can link to external sites but keep your custom link to maintain consistency on your social profiles. You’ll also be able to create UTM presets so you can quickly create trackable links that your marketing team can use to judge performance.

Pricing: Free plan available, paid plans start at $29/month

Key features:

  • Quickly create branded links
  • Track link performance by channel
  • Retarget people that click your links on Facebook, Google Ads, and Twitter

Robust URL shortener platform with link tracking


Bitly is a popular URL shortener that lets you create branded URLs. Like Rebrandly, you can see detailed analytics into how each URL performs and check how your audience engages with them across every channel.

They have a free plan, which is perfect if you don’t need custom URLs but still want to benefit from seeing analytics on your link performance.

It has various integrations so you can speed up your link creation process and easily share new links across every channel you want to.

Pricing: Free option available, paid plans start at $35/month

Key features:

  • Create branded links
  • Quickly set up link redirects
  • Group and manage links into campaigns

Social Media Analytics Tools

Detailed but easy-to-use social media analytics

Sprout Social

Sprout Social offers various scheduling and publishing features, but one of the standout features is the actionable analytics it provides.

You can see dashboards with performance data on all of your social profiles on an account and post level to determine what type of content works, and what doesn’t.

Sprout Social also lets you add your competitors and see how your brand engagement compares to theirs.

You can also bring in your social advertising data and track performance so you can optimize your social media advertising spend.

Pricing: Free trial available, paid plans start at $99/month

Key features:

  • Social inbox to manage activity across all profiles
  • See data on post and profile-level performance
  • Schedule posts at times your content gets the best engagement
  • Track trends across keywords and hashtags

See what works with an in-depth social analytics platform

Rival IQ

Rival IQ does one thing, and it does it well. Unlike other platforms that combine scheduling with analytics, Rival IQ is focused purely on social media analytics.

As you would expect, you can see detailed analytics on post performance based on content type, hashtags, platforms, and whether the post was promoted with ads or not. It also lets you track SEO metrics, for example, letting you see when your competitors update the meta descriptions on their articles and pages.

You can easily create complex but readable dashboards to track your own performance and track your performance against your competitors.

As well as that, you can connect Rival IQ to Google Data Studio so you can create shareable, actionable dashboards to share with your team.

Pricing: Free trial available, paid plans start at $199/month

Key features:

  • Find the content that performs best for any metric
  • See what works for your competitors and other industry players
  • Run competitor head-to-head analysis
  • Connect to Google Data Studio

Performance tracking for Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter


Iconosquare combines a publishing platform with advanced analytics. It’s a great platform for brands and agencies managing multiple accounts and who needs access to simple-to-understand but detailed analytics.

If Instagram Stories are important for your brand, you can see stats on reach, impressions, engagement, and recommendations on the best time to post, depending on the metrics you are optimizing for.

If your manager or colleagues are regularly asking you about how your social channels are performing, Iconosquare makes it easy. You can schedule visual reports to be updated at a regular interval (e.g., before your weekly marketing catch-up) or create them manually at a moment’s notice.

Pricing: Free trial available, paid plans start at $29/month

Key features:

  • Competitor monitoring
  • Track post performance by category
  • Easy-to-understand but detailed analytics

Community Management Tools

View details on your most engaged followers and identify ambassadors for your brand


Agorapulse has a variety of features for social media management, including publishing and analytics features. But, one of the key differentiation points is that it enables you to manage a community and identify the most engaged followers across your platforms.

You can tag users based on the level of engagement they display with your brand, add notes on your followers, and easily categorize followers into groups based on industry, location, annual spend, and more.

It makes community management easy. You’ll be able to engage with people who already like your content, turning them from followers into true fans.

Pricing: Free trial available, paid plans start at $99/month

Key features:

  • Community management with a Social CRM
  • Discover engaged people in your audience
  • Competitor analysis
  • Manage all of your social channels in one place

Engage with customers and listen to their feedback across every social channel


Social Bakers is a tool suited for larger teams heavily invested in social. If that’s you, it’s going to be worth the price tag.

It lets you manage every channel in one place, and see engagement like comments and mentions in a unified inbox. It’ll be easy for your team to reply and keep engagement high without having to jump between multiple platforms and accounts.

If you need social media management software that’s going to cover every use case you can think of, Social Bakers has you covered.

Pricing: Starts at $200/month

Key features:

  • Advanced reports and analytics
  • Manage multiple content feeds from one place
  • Unified inbox to see comments and reactions across channels
  • Chatbot system to help customers on social platforms 24/7

Effectively manage communication and scheduling in one place


SocialPilot lets you schedule social media posts and measure your performance, but that’s not all. There’s a unified inbox that brings in every message, comment, and post made by your followers across all of your Facebook pages.

It’s a great feature for social media marketers managing multiple brand accounts who can’t afford to leave people waiting for a reply.

You can mark conversations as a priority and see how your target audience reacts to posts in real-time.

Pricing: Free trial available, paid plans start at $25/month

Key features:

  • Manage up to 25 profiles even on the lowest plan
  • Create white label PDF reports
  • Manage all engagement in one social inbox
  • Content curation features to help you find content that resonates with your audience

Picking The Best Social Media Management Software for Your Needs

Most of these tools have a few core similarities. The ability to schedule posts is standard, for example.

That said, depending on your exact needs, the best tool for you will vary. If you want something that makes it easy to quickly handle everything in one place, go with a tool like SocialBee (available on onetool) or Buffer.

If you need analytics, find one that brings in all of the data you need. If community is important for your brand, look for a tool like SocialPilots that brings direct messages and comments into an inbox allowing you to respond quickly.

Luckily, most of these have a free trial, so you can find the one that best suits you before committing to one.

If social media is a key part of your marketing strategy, a good social media management tool is essential.

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