12 Best Facebook Marketing Tools to Boost Engagement

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With over 2 billion active users on Facebook, it’s easy to see why this social media platform is critical to your marketing efforts. Boosting engagement allows you to interact with your audience. It ensures they not only remember who you are but also why they want to do business with you.

There are plenty of Facebook marketing tools out there. When you want to boost engagement and manage your social media presence, there are a few must-have tools at your disposal.

When you’re trying to find your audience and figure out how to do all of the necessary postings, SocialBee will help you. This tool will automatically post on Facebook and all of the other top networks. You can organize your content, repost evergreen content, and save time.

The cost of SocialBee depends on how many social profiles you want to manage, how many posts you want to have in each category, and more.


It’s hard to engage people when all you’re doing is posting massive amounts of text and links. Canva allows you to design beautiful Facebook posts and ads. There’s an easy-to-use drag-and-drop editor to help you. You’re in control of the backgrounds, the graphics, and the texts.

Canva is free to use, though you can upgrade your account to access even more backgrounds and graphics.


Link management is more important than ever before. When you’re engaged with your target audience, you want them to visit various aspects of your website. You will share links with them on products, blog posts, and more. It’s critical that you have short URLs that you can track – and this is where Rebrandly comes in.

In just seconds, you can shorten a URL so that it’s not a giant block of unrecognizable numbers and letters. It cleans it up so you look professional. And each shortened URL can be tracked so you know how many clicks you get.

rebrandly dashboard

Gaining traction as a new brand can be difficult. Quuu is an influencer marketing tool that will ensure your posts are being promoted by real users. Anyone who signs up on Quuu can choose to receive content suggestions.

When you pay (the cost is per promotion), your blog post is reviewed and approved by the content curation team. It’s added to the content suggestions for Quuu users. Your Facebook post can be shared across the platform and on other social channels. It may be just what you need to develop more engagement – and even tap into a new demographic.

quuu dashboard

Have you noticed that some brands have the best videos? They’re not only eye-catching but they get the kind of engagement you have only dreamed about. They’re not paying as much for those videos as you think. InVideo allows you to get professional videos to compete more effectively.

There’s a full template library available when you sign up with InVideo. The basic features are free, but it’s worth grabbing a business plan for a few dollars a month. You can drag and drop text and images to create an effective ad. Once you post one of the video ads, you’ll have more eyes on you.


There’s a reason why many brands are choosing to go live: it builds authenticity. Consumers want to know that there are real people behind the brands they choose to do business with. OneStreamLive is a tool that allows you to schedule and live stream recorded videos.

If you get a bit of anxiety when you go live, you can choose to record a video. Watch it, edit it, or even re-record it. Once it’s just the way you want, load it into OneStreamLive. You can schedule when it goes “live” and even have it hit multiple platforms at once. 


Some headlines pop while others fizzle. CoSchedule offers a free tool, the Headline Analyzer. It allows you to analyze your headlines so you can make them better.

Why do headlines matter? It’s the difference of people engaging with them or scrolling right past them. You need to get the traffic and shares that help you to succeed – and it all starts with a headline. After seeing your score, you can tweak it until the score is higher – and worth posting.

Planning out your social media posts is vital – and Buffer can help. There are a number of features within the tool to help you tell your story and post content in an orderly fashion. As you try to post several posts a day, you can break up the story at key times. It helps the posts to engage – and people may stay tuned if they know there is more to come later on.

There’s a free plan with Buffer and a few pricing plans. If you’re only going to post on Facebook (and maybe a few others) and limit yourself to 10 posts a day, you can stick with the free version. If you’re more active, it’s a small investment to tap into the added help managing your posts.


Everyone loves a giveaway. When you’re trying to engage your audience, KingSumo can help you create viral giveaways. It will get you more likes and follows and even help you to boost your email list. Within minutes, you can have a giveaway up and running. It can be shared on Facebook as well as any other social channel you’re on.

The KingSumo web app is free, allowing you to do as many giveaways as you want. If you want Facebook pixel tracking or to use your logo, you’ll have to pay a monthly fee. There’s no subscription required, though, so you can choose to pay for the months when you plan on doing the giveaways.

What if you could learn more about your audience? Sprout Social is a tool that gives you data to help you build relationships. It can make it easier to know what to post and how to get social conversations started. You’ll learn about impressions and segregate that information by location, gender, and age to make it easier for you to target one group or another.

More Facebook marketing is based on being authentic with your audience, so the insight data is vital to your success. You can put Sprout Social to the test with a 30-day free trial before investing any money.

Sprout Social

If you’re ever at a loss for what to post, PromoRepublic curates content for you. You’ll get suggestions on the kind of content based on your industry and audience. It ensures you’re never silent for too long.

There is a solopreneur pricing plan that offers you an affordable solution. It can help with not only content curation but also organizing content, scheduling posts, and editing graphics.

SEMRush has already gained a lot of notoriety for being an impressive SEO tool. Now, it can help you with Facebook, too. You may be faced with a lot of competition. SEMRush offers three tools to help you analyze your ads and compare your performance. The Poster, Tracker, and Ads tools will ensure you’re optimizing your posts, page, and ads.

SEMRush isn’t the cheapest tool in town, but there are three plans for you to choose from. When you’re trying to figure out how to get a leg up on the competition, this tool is robust enough to help you.


Bring It All Together

There should be no reason why you have to live on Facebook. You’re busy – and your business depends on you to be present in the operations. By using the various tools, you can get the help you need with creating, tracking, and scheduling your posts. Plus, you can make sure that you’re tracking the performance of posts to be sure that the right people are seeing them.

As you begin using the tools, you’ll see that Facebook marketing isn’t the daunting task you thought it was. You’ll engage with more of your target audience and reach more of your sales goals.

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