Recruitment Solutions with GoHire

This article is a guide to one of our favorite recruitment solutions at onetool. It walks you through the steps needed to leverage Gohire and other recruiting tools for the best recruiting process at your startup.

The recruitment and selection process can be very tedious. First you need to post your job ad to a relevant platform, then you need to have interviews, set up tasks, follow up interviews and meetings. Subsequently you have to decide on one candidate among the many you have interviewed over several weeks and it can be hard to keep track of which candidates performed best. And finally you need to get the contract finalized and signed! 

Luckily, today we can use the best recruitment software for every part of the erecruiting or online recruitment and selection process. The first step is gaining access to the recruiting tools you need.

Vectera sales tools

The tool we will need first is GoHire which is a great BreezyHR and Workday alternative, offering erecruiting functionality at a much lower price. GoHire is an applicant tracking system that lets you easily manage candidates.

The first thing you need to do is set up your job advertisement. Once you have accessed GoHire you will immediately be directed to the form to start doing this. Creating a job ad on GoHire is much like on any traditional job board such as Monster or LinkedIn, you enter the department you are hiring in, the job title, a description of the position as well as the location, salary and type of employment. What makes online recruitment with GoHire really great however, is that as opposed to only posting to one job board at a time your ad will automatically be published on over a dozen job boards, reducing your workload and increasing your reach!

Once you’ve posted your Job you will start receiving applications in your email inbox. You can add the candidates to your dashboard in Gohire to start ATS tracking them. Simply enter their contact information as well as cover letter and CV to start tracking. Once you have added an applicant you can start the recruitment and selection process by giving them a rating (0-5 stars), add notes, give them tags, create questionnaires to send them, add relevant documents and more. You can also directly send them email responses without needing to sync your email, as well as create templates if you want to give standard responses, or create a shortlist and add evaluations as well as send offers to the candidates you like. Use your dashboard to keep track of all the applications as a recruitment database.

If you have multiple steps in your recruitment and selection process you can also create pipeline stages (for instance: interview set up, task sent, second interview set up, offer sent) to help you identify how far along the recruitment and selection process they are.


Setting up an interview with Vectera

Once you have started shortlisting candidates you like you will want to set up online interviews with them in order to move forward in the recruitment and selection process. Instead of making suggestions for meeting times where you are available, leading to endless email exchanges before you find a time suiting you both, go to your onetool dashboard and activate your free trial for Vectera

Once you have logged in to Vectera which is a great Zoom alternative, head to the scheduling page in the navigation bar and set up your calendar link. To do this simply connect your email and calendar provider (gmail or outlook) and set up your preferences related to availability and the type of meeting users can choose in your calendar. 

I recommend setting up a meeting type named “Job Interview” with the amount of time you think you need to evaluate your candidates. You can then copy the calendar link specific to this type of meeting and send it to your candidates. This will allow them to book themselves into your calendar at the times you chose and avoid the tedious process of finding a time suiting both parties.

Once a candidate books a meeting, you will both receive an email letting you know and you can both RSVP, just to be sure.

The event in your calendar will automatically feature an online meeting room as the location, and you can simply click on it to enter the meeting room. 

Vecteras meeting rooms feature all the standard tools (screen sharing, chatroom, etc.) but also let you benefit from a shared whiteboard and the ability to look at documents (contracts for instance, or case studies) simultaneously, which lets you make the interview more interactive and hassle free than using traditional methods. 

Vectera also lets you whitelabel your online meeting rooms, which means they feature your custom branding, which is great to make an impression of candidates and other meeting participants.


Creating a Task using Storyxpress

Once you have had the first interview with applicants you may want to give them a task related to the work they will be doing in the advertised position. We recommend using Storyxpress to create screen and camera recordings and be able to clearly explain tasks asynchronously and be able to reuse your explanations for multiple candidates. 

To get started, again navigate to your onetool dashboard and activate your free trial for Storyxpress which is a great loom alternative. Once you’ve logged into Storyxpress, navigate to the “create recording” section and you will be prompted to redirect to the chrome store where you can add their chrome extension for free. 

Once you have done this, prepare your explanations and the task you want to explain to your applicants before clicking on the chrome extension which will allow you to start recording your screen and camera. You can repeat this process if you aren’t happy with the result the first time.

Once you created your video explanations you will be able to find them in your recordings along with a link to your video. Simply copy the link using the button provided and send it to your candidates along with the necessary documents. They will be able to view the video immediately once they click on your link. 

With the video instructions and the documents your task should be clear to all your candidates and they can get started right away!


Signing the contract with Docsketch

Great! After the task and perhaps a second interview as well as preliminary offers to your applicants you should be ready to send out the contract to the candidate you want to hire!

In order to do this, activate your Docsketch trial in onetool. Docsketch is a great Docusign alternative and esignature tool. Click on “Add your first document” directly on the homepage. Upload your contract and add the candidates name and email that you want to sign the email. Next, simply drag and drop a signature field where you want the candidate’s signature.

Send the contract to your candidate by clicking the “send” button in the top right corner and your candidate will receive an email notifying he or her has been invited to sign a contract. You will also be notified once the applicant has completed the contract. 

Contracts signed with Docsketch are legally binding in North America and the European Union (among others).

Congratulations! You’ve hired a new employee.


Requesting personal details with Questionscout

Last but not least you will need to get you new employees personal details. (social security, insurance etc.). You can streamline the process as well by accessing Questionscout, which is an easy formbuilder and great Typeform alternative, over onetool. You will be prompted to create your first form, where you can outline all the details you need before generating a link to this form to send your new employee(s).

Under the setting section, link your email to be notified or simply check into your Questionscout account every now and then.

That’s it, all done! You’ve successfully streamlined your recruitment and selection process!


Getting access to the best recruitment software

The easiest way to access to the tools you need to follow this guide is to open and sign up to for free, as this will mean you only need to do the sign up process once, as opposed to for each tool individually (you also get access to a free trial as well as large discounts on all the tools you will need). 

Once you have logged in to onetool you will get access to your dashboard and can navigate to the app store to start selecting the tools you need. In the app store using the search function add the following recruiting tools to your dashboard: GoHire, Vectera, Storyxpress, Docsketch Questionscout. 

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