Pipedrive vs. Hubspot

pipedrive vs hubspot

If you are a small or medium business and you’re looking for a piece of CRM software, Pipedrive and Hubspot are two that immediately come to mind. 

Interested to find out which is right for your business? Read on for a side-by-side comparison and breakdown of these two leading pieces of software.

While Hubspot has seniority, Pipedrive has a ten-year history and impressive credentials. Pipedrive’s only offering is their extensive CRM program, which is focused on tracking your relationships with your customers and guiding them through to a sale.

The Good Stuff

Pipeline’s focus is pretty clear and they’re transparent about their pricing for the most part. While the price will go up a bit when you reach out to five or six figures of customers, it’s far from the price-per-customer model we see with Hubspot. Plans start as low as $12.50/month for a year, or $15/month if you prefer to pay monthly.

Pipedrive has a simple, intuitive interface as well. Anyone with basic computer skills will be able to get the information they need and take actions with minimal training For that reason it’s a good pick for smaller businesses where formal training may not be realistic.

Pipedrive also has quite a bit of automation built-in to the program, allowing you to pass off some of the hard work to computers in a trigger-reaction format.

The Bad Stuff

Being simple and easy-to-use is great, but it also means there are some limits on what Pipedrive can do. The main one is limited reporting when compared to Hubspot’s more in-depth information.

Automation is a bit limited, but much more affordable, than going with Hubspot. You’ll also need to pay the fee per user, so keep that in mind if you’re bringing your sales team aboard.

Lastly, while Pipedrive does have a lot of integration with other apps and programs, it’s not as compatible as Hubspot.


Pipedrive is a tightly focused CRM, it does exactly what it’s supposed to. It lacks some of the bells and whistles of Hubspot, but the price is significantly lower.

For a smaller sales team, especially those not already savvy with digital marketing, Pipedrive is a solid option.


Hubspot is a huge name in the CRM world. Many people know the name, even if they’re not involved in digital marketing. The suite of tools that are available for the interested user is extensive and customizable as well. They’re not perfect, but there’s a reason they have so much brand recognition.

The Good Stuff

Hubspot has a freeware option for its CRM, allowing those with tiny businesses to use it without paying. Costs stack up from there, but the basics are right in front of anyone who wants to give them a shot.

Where Hubspot shines is in the company’s wider capabilities. They have extensive integration, amazing analytical capabilities, and even systems for tracking customer communications. For some teams, it will be the only software needed, since you can get access to the larger array of features.

Hubspot also has extensive options for automation, and even bulk social media posting if you need it for your business. Think of it as a one-stop-shop for your sales tracking and analysis and you’re on the right track.

The Bad Stuff

Hubspot has a free plan for limited use.

If you need to upgrade, on the other hand, Hubspot gets expensive quickly. Plans range from $40/month to over $2000/month depending on the features you need and the size of your customer list. In short: you get what you pay for, and sometimes that’s a lot.

Hubspot also requires a bit more expertise on the part of the staff to use properly. The basic functions are easy enough, but when you get into more advanced settings it takes someone who knows what they’re doing.


Hubspot is a great service. The basics are very user-friendly and it’s even free for smaller businesses who don’t need any whistles and bells.

Hubspot is scalable for small businesses as they grow, but the upfront cost can feel steep if you need more advanced features. It’s not necessarily better than Pipedrive but it’s more advanced.

Hubspot is a perfect choice for the businesses that can afford both the steep monthly prices and the staff to learn how to use it properly.

The Bottom Line

It’s always hard to take two services and compare them side-by-side. It’s rare that there’s a clear victor, and that’s still the case here.

Pipedrive is better for very small companies. Those who may not have extra staff to learn how to operate behind the scenes and tweak sales margins. It’s an upfront service that does exactly what it’s meant to, and nothing more, for a moderate price.

Hubspot, on the other hand, ranges from free to ultra-expensive depending on what you need. It’s best for companies which are looking at a lot of growth in the near future, or just for those who can afford it and want to be able to tweak on every aspect of their sales process.

There are just a couple of questions to ask yourself:

  •       What’s my budget?
  •       Do I have someone who can use the program competently?
  •       Do I need extended and predictive analytics?
  •       How much growth is likely in the near future?

Hubspot would be the better option for most people
if both programs were free. In the real world, you have to piecemeal together a plan which works for your business’ needs. It’s still an easy-to-use CRM, but more advanced usage requires some expertise.

Pipedrive, on the other hand, has a tighter focus. It’s there to keep your customer relationships in order, and the price is attractive for smaller companies. Remember that they charge per user, however, and on a big team that can add up.

My personal recommendation is as follows:

  • Single man outfits, very small companies, and startups without investors should look at either Pipedrive or the freeware Hubspot to keep costs minimal.


  • Small businesses without a lot of staffing will find Pipedrive is a better system due to it’s tighter focus and user-friendly interface.


  • Medium to larger companies will enjoy Hubspot’s range of features, and they can afford staff able to take advantage of the bells and whistles.

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