StoryXpress vs. Cloudapp and Loom

Are you aware that the attention span of readers is now 8 seconds only? Yes, you have to grab the deal within 8 seconds otherwise you will be scrolled up! To catch up with that, videos will be the best option. 

As per many studies, videos play a very crucial role when it comes to gain the attention of the customers. 

A 2 minutes video is equal to 30 minutes of reading!

StoryXpress can help you out in this! Where CloudApp and Loom are limited to record your screen, StoryXpress has an additional feature to  create new videos simply from the images. It is user friendly, cost effective and time saving. It helps you to catch more eyeballs to your content easily.

To get the desired results, screen recording and sharing are not enough. And that is the reason, StoryXpress has gone to an extra step to provide you all the things in one bundle. Not only that, its features will also cut down many steps from the process to ensure simple and quick results. 

Lets see what are the other features StoryXpress has but not in CloudApp and loom.

Personalized videos

StoryXpress helps you to make personalized 1:1 videos for each one of your leads. It will work great even for your email campaigns. The video will attract people to go through your content. As a result, it will boost your brand and increase the reply rate with a good number.


Unlike CloudApp and loom, StoryXpress has an option of playlists. It gets all the related videos in one single click. Videos will be showing in the row as per your arrangement. By this way, you can manage the viewer experience for the brand. Again, one single link is enough!

Get lead information

Leads are the primary and an important need for any business. The CTA button will help in redirecting to your site but what if you get an option of a form submission in your video itself? It will again cut a step from the process and improve the chance of getting lead information. You will get it in StoryXpress. Forms to get leads, information, survey updates or anything. There is an option to skip as well. If you want to keep the form non-mandatory then you can add the skip option. CloudApp or loom doesn’t provide a form option.

Share directly to social media

No extra steps, direct share! If we compare all the three products, only StoryXpress has a direct sharing option to social media. You can share the recorded screen straight away from your dashboard. No need to copy links > open your social media account > paste. Three steps sums up to one with StoryXpress.

Ad free Hosting

Most people don’t like ads in between their videos. If your video has an ad in it, people will close it down and move on! There is already a lot of video content over the web then why will they wait for an ad to complete and watch your video till the end? Instead, give your viewers an ads free experience. It will engage them more towards your brand. You can get it with StoryXpress. It has the hosting plans. Share your uninterrupted ads proof videos on social media with a single click. 

Storyxpress is not only useful for sharing internal team information but also more focused towards helping you to increase your business.  

And one more rewarding thing about StroyXpress is that Onetool can provide you the best deal on it. Grab it now!