The control center for all your cloud tools

 Easily set up, monitor and disable all your employees apps in one platform.


SaaS Management simplified​

Monitor & Control all aspects of your companies SaaS subscriptions with onetool.

User Onboarding

Add employees to every app they need and handle their SaaS onboarding with one click.


Accurately track tool usage & spend. Save an average of 20% by eliminating shadow IT and unused licenses.

User Offboarding

When an employee leaves the organization, automatically disable their access to all your apps.


Automated User Provisioning for all your cloud tools

Are you tired of having to go into each SaaS app manually just to add or deactivate an employee?

With onetoool you can automate this process by managing every employees app access in a single place. On-/offboard users based on their department or role with one click; no matter if you are on free tiers or enterprise plans.

Team management

Easy On- and offboarding

Control your employees’ app access with a few clicks on one dashboard.


Department View

Manage & monitor tool usage by department and set up access rules.

Accurate analytics for maximum visibility of SaaS usage and spend

If you want to get a full picture of your companies SaaS usage by monitoring active licenses, app usage & spend, onetool is your single source of truth.

Easily track all of your tool subscriptions and check usage statistics to identify unused licenses and optimize your SaaS spend.

Usage insights

Track tool usage and identify unused licenses on a single dashboard.

Spend analytics

Get a detailed overview of of your SaaS spend and act on your analysis with just a few clicks.

100% accurate data

We get our data from direct integrations with your tools instead of accounting systems, chrome extensions or scraped emails.

How it works

Grow your business by letting us do the work that distracts.



Analyze SaaS Stack

First, we make sure to understand your existing contract structure. We aggregate all information with you to make sure we understand what tools you are using.

deep integration


Integrating with Tools

We set up the integrations with the tools you are using, so you don’t have to worry about anything.
Once we are ready, you will be able to exactly see who is using what at which cost. 


Manage in one place

Enjoy your streamlined IT process and save thousands of hours manual provisioning work each year.
One-click manage access to your software with ease.

Take control of the SaaS chaos

Learn how onetool lets you effortlessly manage all your organizations SaaS in one place.

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